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This is the 'BHAJAN' section in which you can find thousand of devotional songs related to 'HINDU' God and 'GURUS'. On the first page you can see randomly selected song list with audio player. Create your own playlist, by clicking add button. Share and enjoy devotional music online!

Top of the Chart6605  Tracks
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  tumhri mehma by Sriram Visit:19561 Add
  tera ram ji karenge beda paar by Pinklotus Visit:21050 Add
  dhanyashtakam ( part 10) by Swami1008 Visit:63 Add
  bhajan bandgi kar le by Tunuluna Visit:20160 Add
  mane nu na kaan padaye by Neerus Visit:19729 Add
  rang banko sawariya dar by Sriram Visit:20541 Add
  vishnu stuti by Dharam Visit:20331 Add
  aao re batau dhyan maiya by Dharam Visit:20369 Add
  ho kas ke pakad le by Sriram Visit:19606 Add
  brij raj mein by Vikasg21 Visit:19691 Add
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lord hanuman durga mata
Anuradha Paudwal Morari Bapu
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  Radha Swami   Filmy bhajan
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